Makes 12

Preparation time: 7 mins

Transform a freshly shucked oyster by adding a sprinkling of finger limes. Your palate will be delighted by this new 'salt and citrus' combination. Quick and easy to prepare, these dressed oysters are a glamorous way to start any dinner party. 


2 tablespoons of light soy sauce

125 mls (1/2 cup) sushi vinegar

½ teaspoon of finely grated ginger

2 dozen rock oysters

60g finger limes 


Combine soy sauce, vinegar and ginger in a shot glass. Place oysters on a platter or board. On a separate board, slice open the finger limes crossways, not lengthways and squeeze out the vesicles. Spoon finger limes onto each oyster and then drizzle over a little dressing.

Oysters and finger limes