How do I store Pemberton Finger Limes?

Our finger limes like DRY and COOL conditions. Store between 10 to 20 degrees, no cooler than 5 degrees, in an open paper bag or cardboard box. You can leave them in your fruit bowl, but not under other fruit, as this causes them to 'sweat'. They have a shelf life of between 3-4 weeks. 

Do you sell finger lime trees?

No, sorry to say, we don't have finger lime trees to sell.  Please try Zanthorea Nursery. Good luck.

How do I cut open a finger lime?

Always cut open a finger limes crossways, not lengthways and then slowly squeeze out the 'citrus caviar', just like squeezing toothpaste from a tube.

Do you wholesale?

Yes.  We have a wait list for the 2016 harvest. 

Hopefully all new customers will be able to be supplied, so please contact us early to get on the wait list.