Rob and Jill Baker, retired Physiotherapists, were looking for a project for their self-sufficent farm during their 'retirement' years. They stumbled across finger limes, otherwise known as ‘citrus caviar’ on the internet. With 2 empty paddocks sitting on their property in Pemberton, they planted their first trees in 2006.

The fruit thrived and in 2011 they sold their first harvest in just 6 weeks, supplying top Perth chefs Hadleigh Troy, Chris Taylor, Scott O'Sullivan and more. Pemberton Finger Limes have been twice nominated for a delicious. Produce Award and became a Medalist In 2014. The company has also ventured into retail to satisfy public demand for home use.

Daughter of Rob and Jill, Jacquie Baker, is in charge of Sales and Marketing, and has worked for UK industry types such as John Torode and Sir Terrance Conran. She is delighted that Pemberton Finger Limes, with only a 6 to 8 week season in Autumn, has become a sought after, seasonal product. 

Pemberton Finger Limes joined the Southern Forest Food Council in 2014 and is proud to co-brand all Pemberton Finger Limes as 'Genuinely Southern Forest'.